Plane Friends

Over the past few years of travel and many flights… I’ve noticed there are two kinds of people on airplanes:

1. the person you sit next to who wants to talk
2. and the person you sit next to who doesn’t want to talk
I’ve always been the second person. I have a routine I follow when I travel. I checkin in on my phone, I have my 1 travel bag filled with my essentials: laptop, charger, book, journal, phone, protein bar. I hate getting to the airport early; I breeze through pre-check. Then I go pee. I get a water bottle, I put my headphones in and my sunglasses on. I get to the gate, walk on the plane, sit down with my “don’t bother me” face. If there’s wifi I work, if I can’t work, I read or listen to an audio book, and if it’s a long ass flight I try to sleep OR If I have a plane question (see post here) I’ll journal on my plane question. I try to make my flight time as productive as possible so I don’t lose hours in the air.
One of my best friends, Heather, she’s the opposite of me. She’s the other type of plane person. Every plane she gets on she always has a story for me about the person she met at the airport or sat next to on the plane. It’s always entertaining and she’s always happy with whomever she meets.

Earlier this year, I decided I was going to be the other type of plane person. I decided I was going to take my sunglasses off, not immediately put headphones in or read until wifi is available. I put my “more approachable” face on and I sit down in my seat.

This year I’ve made 3 plane friends and couldn’t have been happier with each person who has sat next to me on some of my flights. I’ve learned something new from each of them and felt connected to people I wouldn’t normally talk to or have little to nothing in common with. I think it’s amazing we start out as strangers at the beginning of the flight and just a few hours later become friends. The best part is how the conversation starts with each plane friend. It’s almost as if the universe put these people next to me on my plane knowing I set out to make plane friends this year (#intention.)

Friend #1: The plane is running late and this girl my age runs on and sits right next to me. I notice 15 minutes into the flight she had cactus earrings that match perfectly with my cactus shirt I as wearing (I love cacti btw, my favorite plant.) I tell her I love her earrings and she says “AH I wanted to tell you I love your shirt but you looked like one of those “don’t talk to me” people on a plane.” I literally burst out laughing and tell her all about my plan for all my flights going forward and how I’m setting out to make plane friends. Hours later after sharing each other’s life stories and everything in between she said she was happy to be my first official plane friend. We exchanged contact info and follow each other on instagram. #missionaccomplished

Friend #2: My seat is next to this guy in his late 50s on a conference call. He’s rushing off the call because we are about to take off. As I’m about to ask him what he does for a living he asks me if I drive a motorcycle because of my leather jacket (LOL – my resting bitch face is softening up yay!) Hours later after talking about what we do, what’s important to us, and sharing travel stories and recommendations – Halfway through he tells me he has a fake death sentence. He has some rare blood deficiency that at any moment could make him sick and he would die within a few months. He flies once a month to this specialist in NYC who tests his blood to make sure he’s still fine EVERY MONTH. Ever since he found out about it he’s been living differently. He has started and run multiple companies in his life and he stepped down in majority of them to enjoy travel more. He travels all over the world now and works a minimal amount. He goes on these crazy rock climbing and hiking trips with his daughter who’s my age. That wasn’t even the most interesting thing about him… it was that he hangs out with homeless people in Denver, CO just for fun.

Friend #3: It flight was a red eye from Honolulu to Minneapolis so I sat down and fell asleep. Upon waking up I realized the guy sitting next to me looks like he could be my brother… red hair and freckles galore. He looks like he’s in the military. I ask him if he’s coming from home or going to home. He says he’s visiting back home. I learn the town he’s from in Wisconsin has 1200 people in it…total. I explain my high school had 2,000 people in it. He grew up on a farm. Not like the farm I think of like a handful of chickens, cows and a few horses. I’m talking like 600 cows they milk EVERY DAY. Talk about different lives growing up. He starts telling me he hunts right out his backyard and last year he got attacked by a bear but only had to get 12 stitches like its no big deal… UM WHAT. He’s in the marine corps because that’s what every generation before him has done. They enroll right after high school and then they move back home and work on the farm the rest of their life. I was shocked. How can you not want do something different and explore the world? He said he loves where he is from and is so excited to get out of the marines and go back to his families farm. It’s his dream.

Three plane friends down – many more to go.

If you are person type 2 on planes I say for fun make it a point to make a friend on your next flight. See what happens. You never know who your sitting next to.

Happy flying!

-Ginger Out

Plane Questions

Every time I board a plane and its about to take off my life flashes in front of my eyes. I immediately remember and feel grateful for every single person in my life. I feel gratitude for everything I have and everyone I know; all the experiences and opportunities flood me all at once. I remember things I may have forgotten or even hidden. I remember people more vividly than ever before. It’s like a life memory overload in just a couple of minutes. I thought eventually this would fade away as my travel increased but it’s only intensified with each flight. A rush of every single emotion sneaks up on me all at once and I can barely handle it but yet I crave it. The takeoff reminds me that everything could be gone so quickly and how stepping back and appreciating my life is important. The take off of the plane forces me into an overwhelm of appreciation and I love it every single time.


I’m not afraid of flying but I usually look at the person sitting next to me knowing that if something happened I would grab their hand and tell them everything would be okay. One time I was explaining to a friend how when there is intense turbulence and everyone starts getting that nervous feeling in your gut how I think to myself how awesome my life has been and how grateful I am for everything I’ve had an experienced. I then become at peace and okay with death. The guy sitting beside me and my friend just laughed at me and went “That’s kinda crazy you do that… but also kind of aweosme.”

While all this flash of life seems to happen each flight or ALMOST each flight..I also use plane rides for something else… I use it for decision making. If I have a question or contemplation or decision to make and I know I have a flight coming up I save it for that. It’s uninterrupted time up above the clouds I can journal during with some music. What better place to have a free mind? I’ve come up with some good shit on some amazing flights. You’d be surprised how much your brain can wander 40,000 feet up in the sky.

Next time you have a flight and a question you want answered try journaling it out with the clouds. See what you can come up with :)


I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

When I graduated college 3 years ago I knew two things:

1. I needed to travel and move around.
2. I needed income that would allow me to travel and move around.

I get a combination of statements from people that either don’t understand my lifestyle or that don’t share the same lifestyle needs as I h
ave. It’s either “aren’t you tired?” or “are you ever going to settle down?” or when I first meet people and they say “where do you live?”

My quick answer is always “it’s wanderlust” and/or “I’m a gypsy.” (My Nana calls me a gypsy, so I started rolling with it.)

Yes, one day I will settle down and pop out little devil spawn that will quite possibly take over the world BUT right now that is not my priority. My priority is living my life and seeing and doing as much as I possibly can on this earth. No, not just on earth, in the whole universe (I want to go to space.) I have purposely made my income and life so that I can move anywhere I want to and travel anywhere I want to (provided they have internet of course and yes once the moon has wifi you bet your ass I’ll be on the moon.)

Yes, of course I get tired but that doesn’t alter my interests in anyway to stop traveling. I get energized, excited and happy from travel. I like seeing and experiencing new places; it’s invigorating. One could refer to it as wanderlust. I get pumped up, refreshed, inspired and high on life when I travel. Travel is my coco and I’m in love with my coco. The world has so much to see and offer and most people don’t even get to half of the places they’d love to. I can’t be one of those people. I’d become depressed not seeing or at least trying to see everything I want to in the world.

I’ve learned it’s also the “way you travel” that changed travel for me. I don’t seek out luxurious resorts with spas and a tourist itinerary everywhere I go. I try to immerse myself as if I was living in the place as much as I can when traveling for leisure especially. When I think back on most of my trips, the most inspiring ones have always been staying with friends or not having specific travel plans. For me, the idea that I can (and have) booked a one-way ticket somewhere with no plan or idea what date I will go somewhere next is a feeling I can’t even use words to describe. I encourage you to try it if you haven’t yet.

Travel wakes up my brain cells and recharges me in a way nothing else has. I come up with new ideas, I change, I learn, I grow in an expedited time.

“Not all those who wander are lost”



What do I do for a living and how can I travel everywhere?

I am constantly asked by family, friends, new people I meet, etc. what I do for a living or how do I travel everywhere and that I am so lucky, blah, blah…

So when being asked what I do for a living I started saying Jack of all Trades (or Jackie of all Trades would be more appropriate I guess) because I do all kinds of different things and people get confused when I list 7 things.

The real answer? I do social media management for small businesses and startups, I book corporate travel all over the world for a corporate agency, I do accounting and finance management for a web design agency, I help with event management on site with an event company, I write proposals and agreements for a marketing agency, and I do on location photography. Lastly, I am building my own brand online of Ginger-ness here at Ginger Talk.

The important thing here is that I have learned through different people that I can do many things and all still work from home, wherever home might be, and so can anyone else. Right now home is in Austin, TX and as of the summer it will be in San Diego, CA. For the next 5 years Dima and I plan to live all over the world and experience life. Traveling and meeting new people and constantly experiencing new things and looking outside of the box has been by far the best knowledge and growth for me. Especially compared to the 4 years I spent in college. So I encourage all of you to do your best to take advantage of whatever age you are now and TRAVEL, MOVE around, GET OUT of your comfort zone, LEARN new skills, and meet NEW people. It will be the best thing you ever did. I swear.

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