Red Heads

I like my freckles!

When I was much younger and started to wear concealer and foundation I struggled with finding the right makeup that would cover blemishes but yet still keep my freckles. Through experimentation I found that powder foundation is a much better choice than liquid when trying to keep freckles rather than conceal them. I struggled with trying to find the right powder foundation that would work all day and cover blemishes well and still let my freckles peak through. I would go to get my makeup done for proms, events, photos, etc. and they would ALWAYS cover my freckles with airbrush foundation and various liquid foundations and then I just wouldn’t look like myself which I hated.

So through many Sephora purchases, I have yet to find anything better than Two Faced Amazing Face Powder Foundation with SPF 15. I also use their concealer and invisible candlelight powder. I’m obsessed with this brand. It’s great for sensitive skin, covers what it needs to cover and I get to keep my freckles! I would definitely recommend this to other redheads or anyone that wants their freckles to still shine through their makeup.

To other fellow redheads and freckle faced girls – what brand of foundation works for you?

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