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The MUST Attend Redhead Events!

Every year there are a few events specifically for us redheads – which is totally friggin awesome! Here are the top 5 must attend redhead events all gingers should attend at one point or another!

1. The Redhead Convention in Ireland held every summer! It’s held in Crosshaven, Cork, Ireland this year on August 22 – 24, 2014. This awesome ginger festival benefits the Irish Cancer Society. The Redhead Convention is the brainchild of redhead brother and sister, Joleen and Denis Cronin and will take place for the fourth year running! It started as a joke in the siblings family pub and succeeded to becoming a gathering of extraordinary uniqueness, attracting hundreds of redheads from all over Ireland and the world. It’s 3 full days chucked full with ginger madness including games, music, and drinks! This event has gingers of all age ranges so bring all your family and friends to this one!

2. Rock It Like a Redhead Fashion Show in New York City and new as of 2014 will also be in Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, and Atlanta! Rock It Like a Redhead event started as as online resource, How To Be A Redhead, for all things Fashion for Redheads and as of last year went live in New York City on March 16, 2013. It was the world’s first-ever beauty and fashion event for redheads. Attendees browsed and received beauty treatments specifically for redheads from vendors Pureology, Whip Hand Cosmetics, Incoco, Susan Ciminelli and Prescriptives. Redheads also lined up at the How to be a Redhead beauty table to purchase the just-released redhead bobby pins and the Whip Hand Cosmetics lip palettes, EmpoweRED and GlamouRED, from the How to be a Redhead Collection.

3. Redhead Days gathering of redheads from around the world in Breda, Netherlands. The original and largest gathering of redheads in the world! The next Redhead Days event will be September 5 – 7, 2014! There are exhibitions of over 50 artists, a fashion show for redheads, and artwork inspired by redheads; free photoshoots, workshops, lectures, a picnic, films, dinners and a lot of other activities. The last two years they have received the Guinness Book of World Records Largest Gathering of People with Red Hair.

4. Redhead Event – Less of an event and more of just a gathering (in competition with the Redhead Days Event) to continuously keep breaking the previous year Guinness World Record for having the most natural redheads in one place at a time. This giant Redheaded gathering takes place in the summer in Portland, Oregon and all donations benefit the Skin Cancer Foundation. To qualify and participate in The Redhead Event, registrants are required to bring a color copy of themselves as a young person showing their naturally red hair. Individual pictures of all participants will be taken on the day of the event.

5. Redhead Day UK - This day is dedicated to all the redheads with lots of famous redheads making an appearance. Redhead Day is held in Manchester, England every year. Past years they have had motivational speakers, comedians, magicians, and musicians, all of which are redheads! This event is put on and powered by Everything For Redheads which is a community for redheads that provide product info and insight on such things as makeup for redheads, makeup for pale skin & redhead haircare.

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