I like my freckles!

When I was much younger and started to wear concealer and foundation I struggled with finding the right makeup that would cover blemishes but yet still keep my freckles. Through experimentation I found that powder foundation is a much better choice than liquid when trying to keep freckles rather than conceal them. I struggled with trying to find the right powder foundation that would work all day and cover blemishes well and still let my freckles peak through. I would go to get my makeup done for proms, events, photos, etc. and they would ALWAYS cover my freckles with airbrush foundation and various liquid foundations and then I just wouldn’t look like myself which I hated.

So through many Sephora purchases, I have yet to find anything better than Two Faced Amazing Face Powder Foundation with SPF 15. I also use their concealer and invisible candlelight powder. I’m obsessed with this brand. It’s great for sensitive skin, covers what it needs to cover and I get to keep my freckles! I would definitely recommend this to other redheads or anyone that wants their freckles to still shine through their makeup.

To other fellow redheads and freckle faced girls – what brand of foundation works for you?

Drinks on Drinks on Drinks

So when it’s past 11pm in MA and liquor stores are closed I see what I have available and BAM I make a solid nightcap.

Let’s start with the first one I made – a nice spin on a dessert: Spiked Root Beer Float! Let me just say this shit is DEEEEELISH.

Next up is more of a random where it was spur of the moment; I needed a drink at 1am kind of deal. Much stronger than the first one but also delicious.

And lastly, I thought I would share one of my newer favorite wines that I had down the cape at open of my favorite restaurants The Chatham Squire. It was so good I legit bought 4 bottles of it to have in stock at all times.

Happy drinking kiddos!

Attention all Gingers

So I came across this Redhead Convention on twitter a while back. It is one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard of for gingers and a good cause. It’s a 3 day Redhead Convention that takes place in Crosshaven, County Cork. Ireland every year. It’s 3 fun packed days of ginger madness with games, music, food, and a RED pub crawl. AND 50% of the profits go to the Irish Cancer Society fund. The Irish Cancer Society is a national charity dedicated to preventing cancer, saving lives from cancer and improving the quality of life of those living with cancer through patient care, research and education. So not only do you get to come together with thousands of Redheads all in one place but you get to do it for a good cause. I would highly recommend going.

What’s even more awesome is they have discounted tickets so you can purchase as a “Ginger Family” and they also allow non-gingers to go to!

I unfortunately cannot make it to this years but next year it is on me and little ginger’s calendar!

For more info or to buy a ticket check out their website

Green Smoothie Recipe

Recently I have been looking into going RAW (for those of you who don’t know what it is: Raw foodism is a diet consisting of uncooked, unprocessed, and often organic foods or wild foods in their natural state.) I haven’t been able to fully go RAW (yet) but I have been making RAW smoothies for breakfast every morning for the past 2 weeks and eating RAW snacks. I have noticeably seen a change in my energy levels, my body, my skin and overall have felt really awesome just by changing my breakfast routine. (I still have cooked lunch and dinner, and still have yet to tackle my candy addiction.) But anyway, I thought I would share with you all my favorite green RAW smoothie recipe.


The ingredients: Kale, Pineapple, Banana, and Coconut Water. This recipe is from a 21 Day Raw Food Reset program by Young and Raw! For any of you looking for a guided way to trying a Raw Food Diet or just a healthy cleanse then this is the way to start. They give you anything from a grocery list of what to buy, how to eat out, and recipes of what to make meal by meal.

Trip to Malaysia and The Philippines

So I recently traveled half across the world and half a day forward in time to Malaysia and The Philippines. And I have to say that it was by far the best trip I have had so far and a fantastic two weeks. It was amazing, inspirational, eye opening, sometimes intense, and packed full of adventure AND I made a lot of awesome friends :)

Some experiences I had in my two weeks in Asia: Future Music Festival Asia, MindValley company tour, multiple China Town experiences (both in Kuala Lumpur and Manila), Boracay Island (the most beautiful place on earth), tricycle pedicabs and american world war 2 jeeps as public transportation in Manila, Philippines., Malaysian food (at Kelantan Delights), infinity pool, Zip-lining, Tagaytay city, Taal Volcano, Intramuros Wall (old spanish war fort), toilets in the floor, white coffee, blowing a fuse socket with my curling iron (whoooops), more asian food then my body can handle, Island hopping on a boat, watching Dima eat a duck embryo (it was as disgusting as it sounds lol), and lots more!

I documented everything from our flights there to our flights home. Below are the two videos of San Francisco, CA, Malaysia, and The Philippines. Enjoy!

Bring on the leaves!

Since it is mid-September and here in Boston the air already has that crisp feel to it I figured it was appropriate to share my Fall 2012 Bucket List. Since this will be my last fall in Boston for a while.
As most of you know I am moving to Austin, Texas come this January, so I am making sure I take full advantage of all the things us New Englanders get to do when the leaves start to fall.
Not only is this my last fall in the Boston area, but it’s my first fall with no school! So I can fully enjoy the season with no extra stress of projects, case studies, and tests :)

 Here is my 2012 Fall To Do List:

Make carmel apples
Make Rhonda’s homemade chicken soup
Have a bonfire
Go apple picking
Indulge in pumpkin spice lattes (I already started this one)
Learn to make my Nana’s apple pie
Go in a haunted house
Make pumpkin bread
Go through a corn maze
Go to a Patriots game (I’ve never been to one EVER)
Carve pumpkins
Have a halloween Party
Rake leaves (and then jump in them obviously)
Watch scary movies every weekend

Any who, I hope you all enjoy this wonderful season
and I will leave with the original trailer of one of my favorite movies!


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