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Beach Tips 101 Boston Style

What beaches to go to
What you need
How to strategically plan to sit
And what the hell other freaks do at the beach
So check out my latest GingerTalkTV here!

From yours truly, the Ginger – ENJOY!

Next Ginger Talk TV?

What should my next Ginger Talk TV be about?

1. Why small talk is my least favorite activity?

2. How they lie to you about what college really is about.

3. Ginger road rage; when a ginger SNAPS.

4. Any other ideas? I’m all ears people :)

Ringing in the new year, GINGER STYLE.

Initiation into 2012 – new years eve ginger style

-Got there late and waited in the freezing cold. On the bright side we got to watch all the wannabe guidos who think boston is the new version of the jersey shore get pulled out of clubs for being reckless and trashed.

-Solid club for $28 but the shittiest drinks I’ve ever had for the prices. I also experinced the worst tasting tequila shot I’ve ever had (this coming from the queen of tequilla.)

-It’s now 1:30am and my feet are probably bleeding at this point from my heels so I sit down. Bouncer tells my friend “keep her awake or I have to kick you guys out” so he goes and gets me water. I refuse tap water so he gets me a bottled water – 10 points for bouncer. 

-Leaving the club at 2am and realizing I’m just about at the same level as those reckless guys from earlier. 

-I’m trying to focus on walking with the help of my two friends and I realize my boyfriend is filming me and I get mad and the ginger rage comes out. I decide its a good idea to kick his iPhone like I’m kicking a football with my 6 inch heels on. Phone goes flying and glass cracks all throughout the back of his phone.

-I get in car and start crying because I have to pee so bad. finally stop at friends apartment and pee. The drive home continues and I scream pull over on the highway and puke my brains out for 5 minutes. Get back in car. Get home and sleep in my dress, heels, and peacoat until 7am when I decide its good to put my pajamas on.

And thats new years eve ginger style. 

Redheads HATE the Dentist

Today my mother stumbled upon an interesting article about why gingers dislike like the dentist more than brunettes or blondes.The article explains, “It’s possible, say the researchers, that redheads with the gene in question tend to be resistant to certain pain medications. This could mean redheads are more prone than most to experience a difficult dental visit, affecting their expectations about future appointments.”

INTERESTING… maybe this is why I hate the dentist and why the Novocain never works!

Article: Why redheads and dentists don’t get alone

Good luck on your next cleaning ginger kids!

Ginger out!

cold, ice, snow, RED CUPS

Okay, so I am a little bit excited that November is here.
I hate the cold weather and I like to look at snow for 5 minutes and then I’m sick of it and I hate that I can’t drive my mustang, and this why I plan on moving to the west coast eventually.
HOWEVER what does get me very excited about going into the winter ages of ice and cold is
Starbucks RED CUPS are back in action.
Which of course means GINGERBREAD LATTES!
Yes, they are back in action kids.
Eat it up.

Fall Season

As much as I hate to summer go and to see class start up once again,
I can’t help but be excited for the many reasons I love fall…

and so it begins:

Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks:
I try to limit them to one a week but some fall days I just get carried away into pumpkin land.


Rhonda’s Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup:
I crave this all year round and beg my mother to make it even in the scorching summer heat. Once fall rolls around this becomes a once-a-week meal. WINNING.

A pair or FIVE of some new booties.

Apple Picking

Which then leads to my Nana’s Homemade Apple Pie!
This pie is so good that she makes a whole pie just for me on my birthday every year.
Yup, that’s right, I can eat an entire pie to myself.

Fall also allows us all to take out the warmest and comfiest boots ever made, UGGS.

And last but not least, who doesn’t enjoy the Fall Foliage? I mean come on…

I rest my case people.

That is all for today.

-The Ginger

Summer Reading List 2011

The summer is almost over but I wanted to share the books that I intended to read this summer. I have read a little more than half and still plan to read as much as I can before classes start up again.

Ally’s Summer Reading List of 2011:

1. All 4 Chelsea Handler books…

I have read 2 of the 4 so far and I loved them!
These books are a funny, carefree read when you want to relax.

2. Both of Timothy Ferriss’ books

These books were recommended to me by my boyfriend.
He swears by and strives to live by all the principles of both of these books.
I started reading The 4-Hour Workweek and I thoroughly enjoy it thus far.
One thing to note when reading The 4-Hour Workweek, you CANNOT trail off in thought.
I have a tendency of trailing off sometimes when I read and usually if it’s a book I like it will just pull me back in. These books are different though. Timothy Ferriss tends not to write anything that’s less than important so you need to be focused and ready to read when you pick up these books.

3. Last but not least I picked up this book randomly mid-summer.

I’m half way through this book and am IN LOVE with it.
It literally has step by step how-to and why-to of eating right, drinking “better” and overall feeling and looking better! I highly recommend this book to any female!

That is all for today people.


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