2015 Lessons

2015 was a big year for me with a lot of changes, a lot of travel, and a lot of growth. It was all needed and each and every experience, trip, and person was necessary to get me where I am today. 

The big lesson I learned that has really changed me is not just knowing but really experiencing and feeling that true happiness comes from within. No one is responsible for your happiness except you. You can choose to be happy at any point, in any situation, YOU have all the power. I have always known this but I have never fully practiced it until this year. This year I was more consciously present in each moment then I have ever been before. Most of my life I have always been in situations where my mind would wonder off into the twisted abyss that is my brain and wish I was somewhere else. This year was different; This year, I found myself pulling back out of the abyss and into the reality that was my present moment. Once I fully let go, I felt more in control than ever – the irony tasted like salty sweet chips. 

The other big lesson was a huge personal growth and shift for me which was all centered around ‘reactions.’ I played around with reaction a lot in 2015. I gave into my natural instincts, I walked away from situations I would normally stand and fight for, I didn’t react at all sometimes, other times I reacted with complete calm and care for the other person. I learned not to take anything personal. Everyone is just after their own happiness and nobody truly wants to hurt you. You have all the power in your reaction. If someone “personally attacks you” it truly has nothing to do with you at all and everything to do with the person “attacking.” You can turn any situation around all in the power of your reaction. Choose your words carefully. 

Through the second half of the year I started a daily accountability challenge with some of my favorite people. It was interesting to see what daily habits I did consciously vs. subconsciously. I subconsciously (and habitually) put time into my relationships and personal development no matter where I am. Whereas, I had to consciously put more effort into business growth and exercise. I’m planning to shift my subconscious habits a bit in 2016. 

Lastly, I got to check a few more things off my wandering gypsy check list with such adventures as: kissing the blarney stone in Ireland, chasing rainbows in pineapple heaven in Hawaii, skydiving in California, playing with starfish in Palawan Philippines, high tea time in London, and eating gummy bears in a hot tub 8,500 feet up in the mountains of Colorado. If I haven’t stressed it enough to every person in the world then here it is again TRAVEL. Don’t buy more crap, buy more experiences, they’ll last longer. 

That is all for today. Ginger out.